"I am heartened to learn of the establishment of Sravasti Abbey in the USA... I am happy to give (it) my support and encourage others who share this interest to do likewise."
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Building Chenrezig Hall
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Chenrezig Hall is made from your merit. Thank you all!

Chenrezig Hall is beautiful and we invite everyone to come visit.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have helped to manifest the vision of Chenrezig Hall, and guests and residents are delighted with the new building.

The dining room easily accommodates many guests, and there's lots of space for sewing robes, rolling mantra, and for breakout discussion groups.

Chenrezig Hall has become the
welcoming guest and community space we envisioned.

We hope you'll visit soon!

Take a look at Sravasti Abbey programs and join us to share the Dharma.

Together, we'll create peace in our chaotic world.

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Find lots of short movies our video page.

Living and Practicing in Chenrezig Hall

We give the Sharing the Dharma Day talk in the dining room.

A wonderful workroom for rolling mantra.

Food offering in the dining room.

A discussion group in the library.

Thank You!

The Abbey community and friends thank you for your mantra and your
offerings, creating the merit that has built Chenrezig Hall.

Community at the future site of Chenrezig Hall

    Wow. This is where we started less than two years ago!